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DINA.international is an internet platform offering organisational and communication tools for your international youth exchange projects. DINA stands for Digital International Networking Activities.

How to create the atmosphere of a youth exchange in virtual space? Our digital meeting and conference centre gives you the opportunity to prepare projects and discuss them afterwards using video calls. You can even conduct whole exchange projects online. It is also possible to involve your interpreters. On top of that, DINA.international offers a range of collaboration tools such as file storage, chat, to-do-lists and calendars. You can use the platform to present your projects and tell the others about them.


Video conference

Our video tool enables you to get together with your participants in different virtual spaces and to create the correct atmosphere for your meeting.

Organising a project

You can manage files with Nextcloud, create calendars and to-do-lists or collaborate via pads.


Using the rocket.chat messenger you can send direct messages to your organising team or to your participants via different channels, and also with the mobile app.

All functions at a glance

Who can use DINA.international?

  • Extracurricular youth work professionals
  • teachers and mentors in vocational training who organise school exchange projects
  • youth group leaders
  • multipliers
  • education professionals
  • adolescents, children, young adults and schoolchildren taking part in school exchange projects

How can I use DINA.international?

Register free of charge and create a user account.

Select the expert centre or the funder who forwarded you here.

Launch a project and create a group.

Invite your partners and colleagues to the group and plan together.

Establish YOUR digital conference centre!

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Liebe Nutzer:Innen von DINA.International, wir führen eine wissenschaftlich begleitete Auswertung der Nutzung durch. Wir möchten erfahren wie Ihr die Plattform nutzt – welche Features sind euch wichtig und wo seht ihr Verbesserungsbedarf?

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