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DINA.international is an internet platform offering organisational and communication tools for your international youth exchange projects. DINA stands for Digital International Networking Activities.

How to create the atmosphere of a youth exchange in virtual space? Our digital meeting and conference centre gives you the opportunity to prepare projects and discuss them afterwards using video calls. You can even conduct whole exchange projects online. It is also possible to involve your interpreters. On top of that, DINA.international offers a range of collaboration tools such as file storage, chat, to-do-lists and calendars. You can use the platform to present your projects and tell the others about them.


Video conference

Our video tool enables you to get together with your participants in different virtual spaces and to create the correct atmosphere for your meeting.

Organising a project

You can manage files with Nextcloud, create calendars and to-do-lists or collaborate via pads.


Using the rocket.chat messenger you can send direct messages to your organising team or to your participants via different channels, and also with the mobile app.

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Who can use DINA.international?

  • Extracurricular youth work professionals
  • teachers and mentors in vocational training who organise school exchange projects
  • youth group leaders
  • multipliers
  • education professionals
  • adolescents, children, young adults and schoolchildren taking part in school exchange projects

How can I use DINA.international?

Register free of charge and create a user account.

Select the expert centre or the funder who forwarded you here.

Launch a project and create a group.

Invite your partners and colleagues to the group and plan together.

Establish YOUR digital conference centre!

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TRIDEM - polsko-niemiecko-ukraińskie konwersacje

TRIDEM - polsko-niemiecko-ukraińskie konwersacje

**Tridem GFPS w Warszawie** Zapraszamy na polsko-niemiecko-ukraińskie rozmówki Tridem organizowane przez GFPS we współpracy z Katedrą Studiów Interkulturowych Europy Środkowo-Wschodniej UW przy na ul. Dobrej 55, odbywające się w czwartki w godz. 18.30 – 20.00 do końca czerwca. Link do zgłoszeń (osoby polskojęzyczne): https://forms.gle/h2fPTwZFgh2XL1ae8 Запрошуємо на польсько-німецько-українські мовні зустрічі Tridem, організовані GFPS у співпраці з…

TRIDEM - konwersacje polsko-niemiecko-ukraińskie

TRIDEM - konwersacje polsko-niemiecko-ukraińskie

Cześć! Nadciąga zima, długie ciemne wieczory. Maja nasza wielka entuzjastka nauki języków poprzez nieformalne metody, jak np. Tandem wyszła z inicjatywą zorganizowania cyklu spotkań Tridemowych w ramach projektu UW dla Ukrainy oraz przy współpracy z GFPS. *> Spotkania są kierowane dla osób, które zainteresowane są poszerzeniem znajomości chciażby jednego z trzech tutułowych języków (niemiecki, ukraiński,…

Deutsch-ukrainische Sprachwerkstatt "ä та ї" 2023

Deutsch-ukrainische Sprachwerkstatt "ä та ї" 2023

Deutsch-ukrainische Sprachwerkstatt "ä та ї" 2023 in Borkow (DE), 25.08. – 08.09.2023 Українська версія Endlich: Unsere deutsch-ukrainische Sprachwerkstatt geht in die 5. Runde! 20 junge Menschen von deutscher und ukrainischer Seite treffen sich, um zwei Wochen voller Abenteuer miteinander zu verbringen und ganz nebenbei Ukrainisch- bzw. Deutsch zu lernen. Zum Programm gehört der Sprachunterricht am Vormittag (insgesamt…


Tetiana Kriukovska


Apply to the international seminar «Amazonky» on exploring the untold stories of women and their activism in times of war. Date: 26th of August - 5th of September 2024 (including arrival and departure days) Location: LidiceHaus in Bremen, Germany

Seminar language: English

Who can apply: activists, civil society leaders, youth workers and other interested persons identifying as women, aged 18 and above, from Ukraine and Germany

About the seminar: We’ll be focusing on empowering women during wartime, addressing their rights, and breaking down stereotypes surrounding feminism. We’ll be delving into:

  • the experiences of female forced laborers during World War II, especially those who came from Ukraine to the Bunker Valentin.
  • the activism of women in Russia’s current war against Ukraine. Our seminar is about looking at wars through the perspective of feminism. One of the most powerful ways to do it is through personal storytelling. We want to hear your stories and reflections on women’s experiences in past and present wars. Together, we’ll explore the future of women’s activism in our respective contexts. What is waiting for you: We want this to be an engaging and enriching experience for you. �Throughout the week, we’ll use interactive and non formal methods like:
  • conducting workshops
  • arranging sessions on gender studies and feminism
  • applying storytelling methods
  • organizing a public presentation of the results
  • creating short videos and sharing them on social media.

Accommodation and costs: The participation fee is 40 EUR. For participants who cannot afford this, we offer a reduced fee of 20 EUR. The seminar includes an 8-day program with full board and accommodation in double rooms in the LidiceHaus in Bremen. Arrival and departure days are included. The travel costs will be reimbursed according to this distance calculator: https://erasmus-plus.ec.europa.eu/res.../distance-calculator.

Please fill in a short form to apply: https://form.jotform.com/241305936502350 Deadline for the applications is 28th of July 2024 The project is co-funded by European Union.

amazonky #youthexchange #empoweringwomen