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To plan a long balloon flight from the pilot's point of view. While for laymen a balloon simply drifts with the wind, a gas balloon ride is a complex matter. Because today, balloonists are no longer alone in the sky, the airspace has a structure, there are many things to consider. Today, people try to calculate the path of a balloon in advance. The project turns the planning into a competition, and the virtual flights are to be discussed with the participants in the form of a video conference - weather conditions during the flight, which airspaces have to be crossed, what has to be considered, etc. The rules of the competition are to be kept simple. The rules of the competition should be kept simple. More at

Getting young people into an active role is the overarching goal.

Tags: Ballooning, weather, competition, virtual, STEM, MINT
Topics: Mobility, Environment, Education

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Project administrator:  Volker Löschhorn , serge claude

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