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Nature and climate protection is not merely an issue of the countryside. With more than 50 % of the world population living in urban areas it is an issue of the city. „Green Urban Youth – Let’s reclaim the Cities“ is an Israeli-German youth exchange project concerned with sustainability in the urban sphere. It was initiated by Deutsche Schreberjugend and several stakeholders in Israel, with the Arab Jewisch Community Center in Jaffa and the department of sustainability of Tel-Aviv-Jaffa municipality being the driving force behind the project on the Israeli side. This broad network offers manifold connections for activities and involvement; therefore, urban gardening, the protection and fostering of communal green spaces, water protection and climate justice are just as important issues in the project as are waste reduction, recycling and upcycling, participation and the "right to the city" in general.

Tags: City, Urban, Gardening, Climate-Justice, Nature
Topics: Mobility, Environment, Construction and Living, Climate Protection

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Created on: 06/08/2022
Last updated on: 06/16/2022

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Project administrator:  Erik Rose , mohamad saed

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